This fall, Bradley Hospital will be offering The Incredible Years® (IY) BASIC Parenting Program to caregivers/families with preschool age children (ages 3 to 5 years). The group starts October 5, 2017 and will run through the Fall. Sessions are weekly on Thursday mornings from 10am to 12pm. Sessions will be in English and Spanish by a trained child psychologist and a child psychiatry resident. More information about the group can be found at or 401-432-1119 .
IY is an empirically supported skill-based behavioral intervention for parents with children at risk or with early onset conduct problems. IY is designed to prevent and treat child emotional and behavioral difficulties including ADHD, ODD, CD, and SED by strengthening parenting skills, including increased use of positive and proactive discipline strategies and reductions in harsh, punitive, and inconsistent parenting. It promotes child social, emotional, and academic competence, reducing aggression and behavior problems in young children, and preventing long term problems like delinquency, school failure, substance abuse, criminality, and violence. It was designed for families with children with disruptive behavior problems and for parents facing multiple stressors associated with poverty and/or who experience mental health problems.
Please distribute the attached flyers to your patients and post in your waiting room or exam rooms.

Parenting Group Flyer: English

Parenting Group Flyer: Spanish